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Irish Fest starts in: 

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Library Hours

The Irish Emigration Library will be open on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm for you to research your family history.  Come and meet with other members who can help you with your questions and genealogical search.

 In addition to the third Wednesday of the month, the library is available at other times by appointment for genealogical research.

Five Minute Find: Finding Irish Origins

Loss of an IGSW Founder

Jane C. Maher  1920-2016

We are saddened to convey that Jane Maher, one of IGSW’s founders, passed away on March 28, 2016. Jane was the first president of IGSW and remained active on the board through subsequent decades, always offering welcome perspective and wisdom to the organization. Together with her husband Bill Maher and Doris and Cal Cummings, she oversaw the development of the Irish Emigration Library, and continued to direct and staff the library into the current year. After her husband’s death, she single handedly edited the IGSW Quarterly, ensuring its continuance through 25 years.



Jane’s productivity and resilience were matched by her keen intelligence and truly remarkable memory. She remembered and recognized virtually every library visitor and Fest genealogy volunteer, recalling with ease their families and their stories. Always measured and careful in her decisions and her words, she embodied grace and kindness. She will be deeply missed.

An Irish family history website has discovered records which reveal that Walt Disney's ancestors rented 33 acres of land in County Kilkenny. Dublin based website has uncovered documents clearly showing the family's links to the small parish of Rathbeagh. The cartoonist has long been rumored to have ancestry in Ireland, but the newly discovered records show, in detail, Disney's family history.

Genealogical Resources at the Milwaukee Public Library

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